No More Beating Around the Bush

Ok, no more beating around the bush. (pun intended to go with the pic!)  We need to get these rescue kitties forever homes!  Ashton, Rowdy, Rizzoli & Isles are all available for adoption.

We would love for them to go in pairs but if you already have cats then adopting one alone could work.  Allow me to explain a little: kittens play the MOST they will EVER play in their WHOLE lives during their first 6-8 months of life, which means if they don’t have a litter mate/friend to “rough house” & romp around with they will look for ways to amuse themselves…most likely to the detriment of your belongings.  Plus, as we all know, life is more fun & enjoyable when you have someone to hang out with.  (Just imagine for a moment that you are stuck home by yourself all day while the one you adore & want affection from is at work AND you have no one to talk to or play with)

To get keep this post light & humorous here’s a picture to get your brain going a little bit after celebrating Independence Day.