Play Time

All kittens are almost fully recovered from URI. We will continue to keep them separated from our resident cats until there are no signs of illness left (i.e. sneezing)

Play times are now at approximately 9am, 2pm, 6pm & 10pm. We have been tweeting about it right before hand, you can follow us @TheCrazyCatCam

Naming the Kittens

Kitties are recovering from their fight with URI and most are starting to feel a LOT better! YAY!
Want to leave a mini-legacy? Well now you can – we need name suggestions so we can start a naming contest for the mama cat & 4 kittens. Take our quick survey to give us your input. Have some fun with it!

Kitties are settled…but not out of the woods.

Happy to report that they are settled in now and seem to like their little spot in the world. They are still sick so we will continue to keep them separated from the resident cats we have until they are better. Got the humidifier going all the time & will start antibiotics soon if they don’t start getting better in a day or so.
URI is a viral infection much like the flu for humans – easy to pass onto each other but not much you can do until your body conquers the virus. The antibiotics are used to prevent further infections like pneumonia.
Since the kittens are 5 weeks old & eating on their own they have 95% recovery rate from URI. And so far they are all still eating & getting milk from mama as they should. The little brown tabby is on the small side so we are trying to entice her to eat more thru KMR & wet food. 

4 Beautiful Baby Kittens

We have just rescued a new mama & her 4 female kittens. These kittens are about 5 weeks old so they eat, play, & use the litter box all on their own already (just not very well yet!). Unfortunately they are all sick with Upper Respiratory Infections (URI), the good news is that since they are old enough to eat dry food this is not life threatening as it was with the last litter we tried to rescue (…whew…)
So enjoy them romping around! 馃檪

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Un-Named Feline Family

Today we brought home a new mama kitty and her babies.聽 Mama kitty was rescued just a couple of weeks before giving birth to her six babies.聽 We are fostering them until the babies are old enough to be adopted to their forever homes.聽 There are 2 orange kitties, 3 tabby kitties and 1 black kitty.聽 We think all but the orange kitties are girls.聽 Not always, but most of the time kitties that are orange are male.

Mama kitty is very sweet and loving. 聽 It seems that she has a pretty bad cold at the moment.聽 We are monitoring her closely and we hope that she will be able to fight it off on her own.聽 We put a vaporizer on low in the room with her to keep moisture in the air.聽 The hope is that this will help keep the mucous loose so she can breathe better.聽 Cat’s have super senses in their nose which is what stimulates their appetite.聽 When their noses are stopped up they have a tendency to not eat which is not good at all for any cat, but especially not a mama who needs the strength and nutrients to help feed her babies.

5/10 Update – Unfortunately Mama & all 6 of her kittens are sick with Upper Respiratory Infections. Mama is starting to feel better but one orange kitten & the black one are gravely ill at this time.
We took them all to the vet (BIG vet bill) & they are all on medication but babies will have to fight hard to survive.

5/13 – Now we are bottle feeding 3 kittens. We are very sad that we lost the 3 other kittens as they succumbed to their illness over the weekend. So now we are on a constant 3-4hr feeding schedule. Follow us on FB (see below live feed) & Twitter (@TheCrazyCatCam) for our daily schedule and more regular updates.

5/14 – Feeding schedule today: 12:30pm, 4, 7:30 & 11pm PST.
UPDATE:聽聽 The tabby, Vicky, is the strongest & is feeding as she should be. Harvey, the orange one, is eating some but not enough, he is still having a very hard time breathing. The lil black kitty is not eating hardly at all now, we are hoping her appetite picks up at the next feeding. Your positive thoughts are needed now more than ever.
Mama is very young & keeps trying to play/lay on the kittens so we are separating her at times.

5/15 Good News! We have found an even more experienced foster, Siroya, to bottle feed Vicky. Even better Siroya is a vet tech and she is going to finish nursing Vicky back to health! Once Vicky is all better & done bottle feeding we’ll get her back for our happy ending 馃檪
A BIG THANKS to my cousin Jen Borcic & my mom Jean Davis. You were huge in this effort to fight for Victory.
5/15 – Only the dark tabby, Vicky (short for Victory – because it will be one when she survives) is left. Harvey & Lil B are both now in kitty heaven with their siblings 馃檨聽聽聽聽聽聽 Although we are heartbroken we are trying to make the best of the situation & hope this can serve as terrible example of exactly why it is so important to spay & neuter your pets. We are hoping this story is shared with those that may not understand until you explain the tragedy you watched here.
FEEDING Schedule today: 6am, 9:30, 1pm & 4:30pm then evaluation on timing.

5/16 – Devastation. That is the only word I have for how we feel this evening. Soraya called with bad news, Vicky had a massive seizure and couldn’t keep her food down today…the only humane thing to do was to put her to sleep. Thank you all for your support during this tough battle. We will keep everyone posted on the next fosters we rescue.



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