Helping animals all over Sacramento – Local Companies that Care

We do more than just foster cats & fun baby kitties… We also give back over 20% of our profits through our main company Power Of Two Promotions, a big chunk of that goes directly to the Sacramento SPCA.  Here is the link to the full blog post on how we as Power Of Two Promotions are helping to raise money for the animals this weekend

Jolie is a rescue dog & loves to help the cause too

Kittens are almost ready for their forever families!

The kittens are almost ready to be adopted. There is much anticipation for their forever families, and these little cuties will be an amazing addition to a loving home! Right now, most of the kitties are just over 2 lbs, and will be ready to go at 3lbs. Eat up little ones…it won’t be long.

Although the kittens are feeling much better, running around and playing, they still need to get their shots! They are headed out now to see a veterinarian from Fat Cat City. They will be missing from your screen, just for a while, to make sure they are the picture of health. Wish them well!

Update on Kittens

 For those not following us on Twitter & FB (why aren’t you??): Ashton & Rowdy both got Panleuk (very deadly virus) on Thurs/Fri. To give them a fighting chance against the vomiting & diarrhea we gave them antibiotics & sub-q fluids on Fri/Sat. Thankfully they seem to have gotten thru the worst of it and are now getting better. (Our assumption is that the strain of virus they got was fairly mild & we are grateful for that too) We are still hoping that Rizzoli & Isles don’t get sick but we will continue with their “quarantine” in the bathroom from the resident cats until we are sure.