Crazy Cat Cam Videos

The rescue kitties are ready to be adopted. They all need forever homes! Ashton, Rowdy, Rizzoli & Isles are 12 week old kittens all available for adoption, plus Mama Juno who is about 1 year old. (See the video below for more info)

Our foster rescue kitties need to find forever homes! We work with non-profit and we personally donate all the food, litter, & toys it takes to raise our foster kitties. All proceeds from the adoption fees go to cover the cost of their vet bills to get ready for adoption.

Please help us spread the word online! If we can get ours adopted thru our online efforts more kitties have a chance at being adopted during the weekend adoption event at Petsmart on E. Bidwell in Folsom this weekend

First compilation video of the kittens playing – Fun!

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