Kitten Voiceover Websisode 2!

Rizzoli, Isles, Ashton, and Rowdy are back in this week’s voice over segment. We’re still looking for forever homes for the kittens. So if you or anybody that you know is interested in adopting a kitten, please share us with them!

All kittens have been rescued by CrazyCatCam in association with Fat Kitty City.
Twitter: @TheCrazyCatCam

Voice Acting/Editing/Producing by: Blake Stigerts

Kittens are almost ready for their forever families!

The kittens are almost ready to be adopted. There is much anticipation for their forever families, and these little cuties will be an amazing addition to a loving home! Right now, most of the kitties are just over 2 lbs, and will be ready to go at 3lbs. Eat up little ones…it won’t be long.

Although the kittens are feeling much better, running around and playing, they still need to get their shots! They are headed out now to see a veterinarian from Fat Cat City. They will be missing from your screen, just for a while, to make sure they are the picture of health. Wish them well!