Mama Juno needs love too.

Mama Juno is a super sweet and still playful “mini” cat who is in need of a loving family to adopt her.
She’s been raising her four kittens and now they have all been adopted so she is ready to find her own forever home where she can be the center of attention.

Kitties are settled…but not out of the woods.

Happy to report that they are settled in now and seem to like their little spot in the world. They are still sick so we will continue to keep them separated from the resident cats we have until they are better. Got the humidifier going all the time & will start antibiotics soon if they don’t start getting better in a day or so.
URI is a viral infection much like the flu for humans – easy to pass onto each other but not much you can do until your body conquers the virus. The antibiotics are used to prevent further infections like pneumonia.
Since the kittens are 5 weeks old & eating on their own they have 95% recovery rate from URI. And so far they are all still eating & getting milk from mama as they should. The little brown tabby is on the small side so we are trying to entice her to eat more thru KMR & wet food.